In this first picture it is a one post palapa with a table that thatch is called mexican palm thatch or mexican raincape thatch.

In this picture you can see as the bottom of palapa it is solid with plywood and luahala matting. It is also stained.
Del Mar, CA

Here is a one post palapa with about 14 feet diameter. It has luahala matting.
Imperial Beach,CA

Here is another beautiful quality  palapa, this diameter is about 12 feet diameter. Stained as well. This one was built in san diego, CA.

This quality palapa has a 12 foot diameter and was built in Palm Springs, CA

This one post palapa is 100% waterproof solid and has a african reed thatch roof.  This thatch has a very long life.
Solan Beach, CA

Here is a one post palapa, with a 2 foot wooden table, this palapa has a 8 foot diameter. The wood is stained with a beautiful stained. Encinitas, CA

This is a 8 foot diameter, one post palapa 100% waterproof solid, with mexican palm thatch. This was built in Oceanside, CA

You can visit all these palapas we built at 7 mares, located in the city of Orange, Ca

This palapa was built to last in Poway, CA

This palapa was built in 7 mares oesteneria restaurant, Chapman ave, in Orange,CA
It is in old town Orange.

This one post was in Los Angeles.

This one post palapa has a 12 feet diameter it has a tahitian palm thatch roof.
Chino Hills, CA

One post palapa,
with tahitian palm thatch.

One post palapa, tahitain palm thatch, Chino Hills, CA

Chino Hills, CA

Los Angeles county 1 Post Palapa

Chula Vista, CA
One post mexican palm thatch palapa.

Two Post round, african reed thatch palapa.
Orange, Ca

Two post palapa, african reed thatch,
Corona, Ca

Two post palapa
Riverside, CA

Two post quality palapa
El Cajon, CA

Two Post Palapas
san  diego, CA

Two Post Palapa
African Reed thatch
Orange County, CA

Two post palapa
Garden Grove,CA


Two Palapa mexican palm thatch.
Norco CA

Two post african reed thatch palapa, installed in the city of,
Corona ca.

One post 12 feet diameter, african reed thatch palapa,
installed in the city of Laguna Hills.

Tahitian palm thatch top installed in San Diego County.

2 Post round african reed thatch palapa,
in the city of Orange, Ca

Two post underside of african reed thatch palapa.
In the city of Murrieta, Ca

Here are other cities where we have done palapa company has built

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